Charter BVI, Tortola

Grenadines Island November to end of May

We usually in the grenadines during the summer and in the hurricane season we will propose you to join us in Colombia to discover the wonderful Cartagena city and the island around.
We can pick up you in any of the island of the grenadines if this can make it easier for you just let us to know way in advance to be able to schedule it.

To know how to join us here? Just click on the plane

Why we prefer the grenadines to the BVI

"We've based our charter service out of the Grenadines because after more than 10 years as professional captain in the Caribbean, I feel the BVI ( British virgin Islands) are way too crowded with many charter companies. It's not uncommon to share one anchorage with 30 or more boats in the BVI!" states.

Why the starting point of our cruising is not the Martinique or St Lucia ?

The reason is simple we believe if you come to charter in the grenadines it's to enjoy wonderful water snorkeling and withe beach.
Unfortunately after more than 10 years of sailing around those areas I can guaranty you as the Island of St Lucia have nothing to a paradise island so we will sail for 90 Nautical miles just to arrive on the top of the grenadines and this is just a waste of time & energy the you have the same distance to do on the way back.
At the en you will lose 2 full days of sailing instead of enjoying wonderful anchorage and relax

If you want to spend a week out of the grenadines or BVI

We can consider to do some cruising out of the normal area if our schedule is free. Please lets us know what you have in mind and we will come back to you.

Dealing with the provisioning yourself

The grenadines and specially St Vincent it's no the easiest place to do the provisioning if you don't know very ell the island and know where you have to go. It's up to you but that will be for sure an adventure...

The program of your week charter in the Grenadines

We will decide all together what are your priority and what you want to see first.
Starting from there we will work with the weather and distance As we are leaving from St vincent witch is the first island of the grenadines we don't have to sail during hours to be in the wonderful water of the grenadine and the 100 of anchorage just made for you.
Few people go to snorkel around the reef who surround the Tobago Cays, we will for sure stop here to show you some lobster and all the multicolors fish.

the current can be very strong in the grenadines so we will help you to avoid to lose time and take some risky anchorage as the best one are the most of the time free because a bit hard to access.