Charter BVI, Tortola

Sailboat charter BVI November to end of May

We usually in the BVI during the summer and in the hurricane season we will propose you to join us in Colombia to discover the wonderful Cartagena city and the island around

We can pick up you in any of the island of the BVI if this can make it easier for you just let us to know way in advance to be able to schedule it.

To know how to join us here? Just click on the plane

BVI map

Why the BVI are so known for sailboat charter

The 60 tiny islands and cays of the British Virgin Islands are so breathtakingly beautiful

The British Virgin Islands offers great anchorages, quiet hideaways and of course, your choice of unique accommodations aboard our sailboat. Two unique islands to visit are Norman Island and Cooper Island.
Norman Island is uninhabited but offers several safe bays and protected harbors, including The Bight, a popular anchorage and an ideal place to snorkel and dive.
Tiny Cooper Island will offer you tranquility. Whether you choose to dive into the clear blue waters and be amazed by the underwater landscape, spend your days on the quiet beaches, or explore land once used by pirates, the real secret is that on these two islands, you are sure to be relaxed.

What are your option to do charter on the BVI

There is a lot of sailboat charter BVI company.
So you have almost an unlimited choice. Most tof the people will charter in the BVI with the biggest company like Mooring and Sunsail.

We encourage you to check what the price of those company and what they propose to you by visiting the website with the link above or you can also look in our comparison rate for the charter sailboat in the bvi by clicking on the anchor here:  

what you can expect if you bareboat a sailboat or hire a skipper for your charter in the BVI

In most of the case if you hire a captain from one of those sailboat charter company he will bring you where he's used to go and what make the week easier for him.
If you Bareboat a sailboat in BVI And you don't know properly the area you will probably lose a lot of time and energy to find the proper anchorage with few boat around the right white sand beaches and snorkel area.

Dealing with the provisioning yourself

You may save some $ by doing the provisioning yourself but you will also lose a half day to do it.
you can also take this as an Extra in most of the charter company but they will charge you much more than it worth and you are not sure to get everything you need to cook what you like.

When you come with us Angelica will take care of the provisioning she will send you way in advance a preference sheet to be sure everything will suit to your taste. this is an other small things who makes your sailing holiday in the BVI more enjoyable and relax.

The program of your week charter in the BVI

We will decide all together what are your priority and what you want to see first.
Starting from there we will work with the weather and distance to make it the most enjoyable for you.
As we know very well the area we will propose you some uncrowded place and schedule the day to avoid to be be at the same time as the same time than 100 other boats.
Your charter in BVI with us will be an unforgettable moment full of souvenirs and pictures.

As we have the knowledge of the program to the big charter company captain and the anchorage they always go we will be able to bring you in some special place where no one go even if those island are surround by many charter boat we are always surprise to find very cal place with no one. we believe people don't read properly the chart or are to lazy to bring you in the best spot of the BVI